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  • Price Quotes - The flight fares are mentioned in US dollars. Please note that fares and ticket availability are subjected to change until confirmed.
  • Check Documents – Check your documents carefully. In case, the name on the ticket and that on the customer’s ID do not match, the person would be asked to surrender the ticket.
  • Reconfirmations – Kindly reconfirm all flights prior to departure and also at each point of stopover. This is essential for you to remain updated with any kind of a change, if made.
  • Check-In Requirements – Usually, check-in requirement for a domestic destination is 2 hours prior to departure. To board an international flight, check-in requirement is 3 hours prior to departure. You are requested to go through the check-in requirements details because later than the approved timings, your boarding could be denied.
  • Changes or Cancellations – Ticket changes can cause you a penalty and/or increased prices to any stated change fees. Advance notice is to be made to change reservations. You may also be caused a penalty on cancellation of a non-refundable ticket.
  • Airline Schedule Changes – In case of unfortunate circumstances such as bad weather and other factors, the airline has the right to cancel or change the flight schedules without notice.
  • Insurance – Note that your personal insurance may not fully cover the losses caused by cancellation, accident, illness or stolen/damaged property. It is always advisable to purchase an additional insurance offered to you.
  • Lost Tickets - Destroyed, lost, or stolen tickets must be paid for until refund is issued by the respective airline.
  • Responsibility – The travel agency makes a bridge between the traveler and suppliers of travel services.  So, the travel agency would not take any responsibility of any kind of defaults caused by the suppliers, the airline company, any other person, or any other company/incorporation. The inclusion of any links does not mean that we are trying to promote the views expressed within them.
  • Passport/Travel Visa - To travel out of your home country, you may need some valid documents such as passport, visa, health certificate, reentry permit, inoculation record, a return ticket, or any such document.
  • Additional Fare – The airline reserves the right to ask for an additional fee for check-in of additional pieces of luggage and/or for non-standard luggage. Also, the airline holds the right charge extra for second ticket purchase in case the passenger is too large to be able to fit comfortably in one seat.

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