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About Us

With its main base in Las Vegas, Allegiant Airlines is focused on connecting people in small cities to the world-class leisure destinations.  The airline is operated by Allegiant Travel Company. Conducting its operations since 1997, Allegiant Airlines has today become one of the largest commercial airlines in the country.


People recognize the brand “Allegiant” as more than an airline. For the people, the airline has emerged as an innovative travel company which is dedicated in providing the cheapest travel deals to its customers. In fact, Allegiant Airlines is among the cheapest airlines in the world.


Sporting the business model of ultra-low cost flight fares, Allegiant is phenomenally successful. The airline owes much of its success to its team of experienced employees for its outstanding involvement and commitment towards the customer satisfaction.


Low fare is not only the strongest suit of Allegiant Airlines, but it also excels when it comes to on-time flight services, convenient bookings and check-ins, comfort, safety, and security.


The airline is always striving to make its services more efficient. Allegiant is committed to never settle for anything less than the best. Allegiant is definitely the airline you can always rely on!


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